Wake up stupid, we are talking about politics

Islamists of Bangladesh are not efficient enough to carry their agendas to the ultimate goal, reviving the system of Sharia’h. Every time they miscalculate the political status-quo, and come up with a decision which is not Siyasi (political) enough.
Almost every groups (not blaming to a single group, because there is no full-fledged Political party, which is on reality maintaining the Sunnah and the tradition to strive on the way of Allah) is either daydreaming or becoming fanatic.
Some tries to link the success and failure of the movements of abroad with the home politics. But for your kind information, Ustadh Syed Abul A’la Moududi Rahmatullahi Alayhi said that you cannot just create a state of Islam and impose it on a locality. You have to motivate the people, build a system and then you may get the desired State of Islam.
And to do that you should have an overall study of your locality. History, cultural situation, economic status, mindset of the mass and of course the key points of the power. All of these factors should be analyzed. By doing so, it will provide you with an insight of the situation, and will help to come up with a proper plan of actions.
Politics is the study of influence and influential. It can also be defined as a system of making policies.
So try to understand the system which is exploiting the mass. If you cannot break this system, and don’t know where to strike , when to strike, failure will be the only option left.

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